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Production of mineral fertilizers

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LLC «Mendeleevskazot» has 12 shopfloors, 2 of which are the main units:

  • Shop floor for the production of ammonium nitrate; aggregate AS-72M with a productive capacity at range of 380 000 t/y of ammonium nitrate

The process of the production (ammonium nitrate):

  • Getting the solution of magnesium additive by means of solubilizing magnesia caustic powder with the help of nitrate acid;
  • Deacidification of nitric acid with the help of gaseous ammonia and administration of magnesium additive;
  • Boiling-down existing solutions to the  condition of a high concentrated fusion cake and its transportation up to a prilling tower;
  • Granulation of fusion cake and subsequent cooling of granules at the device of bubbling bed;
  • Clearance and emission of treated air;
  • Additional phases
  • Storage and packing of an end product into bags.


  • Shop floor for the production of light concentrated nitric acid, 3 aggregates with total capacity at the range of 300 000 t/y of nitric acid. 

In the production of light nitric acid with total weight content 57/60% is used the method of catalityc oxidation of ammonia with the help of atmospheric oxygen  in the platinoid accelerant under the same pressure at the range of 0.63 mPa/0.80 mPa, with subsequent absorption of newly formed nitrogen oxides with demineralized water.

In the process of cleaning residue nitrogen oxides is used the method of low temperature selective, catalytical clearance of tail gases.

 Production of light concentrated nitric acid according to scheme UKL -7-76 includes following phases:

  • Pre-operation and compression of air;
  • Pre-operation of gaseous ammonia;
  • Pre-operation of ammonia-air mixture;
  • Conversion of ammonia and cooling of nitrous gases ;
  • Absorption of nitrogen oxides;
  • Catalytical clearance of tail gases at a low temperature;
  • Regeneration of pressure and energy  of tail gases from residue nitrogen oxides;
  • Handing over and storage of nitric acid;
  • Production and usage of steam;
  • Recuperation center of catalyst grids.

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