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Production of mineral fertilizers

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Bulk oxygen




In Mechanical engineering industry and building:
For spraying and replating.
For acetylene-oxygen gas welding and gas cutting of metals.
For plasma and high-precision of metal cutting.

In Oil Production:
Pumping of the oxygen into the soil unit for increasing the energy of driving (creation of an effective moving combustion source into the soil unit).

In Mining and Smelting industries:
Oxygen is used during pneumatic steeling; in oxygen blast into blast furnaces, during gold recovery from ore; in production of ferroalloys; in eliquation of nickel, zinc, plumbum, zirconium and other kinds of base metals.

In welding and cutting of metals:
Bulk oxygen in bottles is widely used for gas cutting and welding of metals.

In Chemical Industry:
Production of explosives – oxygen explosives (infiltration of the explosives with the help of liquid oxygen).
Production of acetylene, cellulose, methyl alcohol, ammonia, nitric and sulpharic acids.
Catalytical conversion of natural gas (in producing of synthetic ammonia)
Hyper - thermal conversion of methanol (natural gas).

In the Power Industry:
During the process of solid fuel gasification.
During the process of air enrichment for household and industrial boilers.
During the process of coal-water slurry compression. 

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