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Production of mineral fertilizers

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Price for products


In order to execute the agreement between Russian Association of Mineral Fertilizer Producers and Agro-industrial  Union of , which foresees the cooperation for the purpose of satisfying the requirements  for mineral fertilizers in domestic Agro-Industrial Complex, LLC «Mendeleevskazot» has settled maximum price ceiling concerning all types of mineral fertilizers for Russian agricultural producers in January 2016.

INDICATOR NAME of the PRODUCT UNIT OF MEASURE THE PRICE excluding VAT and packing from warehouse (roubles)
Ammonium nitrate grade B, GOST 2-2013 in bulk
Ton 11 365
2 Light concentrated nitric acid 56-58% GOST R 53789-2010 equivalent  to 100% (customers package) Ton 20 009,33
3 Gaseous bulk oxygen GOST 5583-78 Cubic meter 21,19
4 Liquid bulk oxygen GOST  6331-78 Ton 5 000

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