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Ammonium nitrate NH4NO3 - GOST 2-85


Ammonium nitrate or nitrate of ammonia, NН4NО3— is a crystalline material of white color, which contains 35% of nitrogen in ammonium and nitrate forms. (Both forms are easy absorbed by plants). Granular ammonia nitrate is used in an ample quantity before sowing and for all kinds of fertilization. In less quantity it used for production of explosives.

LLC «Мendeleevskazot» specializes on producing ammonium nitrate grade B, GOST 2-85, which is used as a kind of nitrogen fertilizer in agriculture. 

USAGE: Ammonium nitrate is used in any types of soil with all sorts of crop plants, as the main fertilizer in the period of pre-seeding application and fertilization.

The most effective usage of this fertilizer is observed in application for winter cereals during spring period. Thanks to its quality, ammonium nitrate is a rapidly dissolving fertilizer, where its ammonia part absorbs into the soil and makes longer-term effect as against its nitrate part.

Divided application of ammonium nitrate allows to reduce losses of nitrate nitrogen leaching out of the ground.
Total weight content of nitrate and ammonia nitrogen in NH4NO3 equivalent in dry material, % minimum  Not rated  34,4
Weight content of water, %, minimum, with magnesium and calcium nitrate additives  0,3
Granulometric texture, total weight of granules( size mm: from  1 to 3) %, minimum
 from 1 to 4, %,minimum inter alios:
 from  2 to 4, %, minimum1 mm, %, maximum
Not rated 95
80 3
Weight of granules, size  more than 6 mm, % 0,0
Statistic solidity of granules, kg/granula, minimum, with magnesium and calcium nitrate additive 0,7
Friability, %, minimum 100


PACKING AND STORAGE: Ammonium nitrate is packed in plastic bags and soft containers with net weight 50±0,5 kg, 500±2.5kg and 800 ±4kg. Unpacked product is kept in roofed, dry warehouses. It is allowed to keep already packed product in the open air. 

TRANSPORTATION: The transportation of ammonium nitrate is possible by all means of transport, excluding air way, in accordance with the rules of freight.

Shunting:  loading the product on customer’s transport.
Railway service:  loading of ammonium nitrate to railcars of the plant or a customer.
Sea transportation: Supply of ammonium nitrate to a port, with the help of railway transportation.
GARANTED STORAGE LIFE: 6 months after production.


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