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Production of mineral fertilizers

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In a contemporary world the problems of nature pollution becomes more and more topical, wherefore arises a strong necessity in drawing attention to its solution.  

Hasty growth of technologies and scale of industrialization in the whole world are disastrous consequences of human activity, which are not neglected on the part of most developed organizations and plants, among which is LLC «Mendeleevskazot».

Today to strategic aspects of the plant activity relates the development of correct ecological policy.  The company management constantly controls the production, lest that a growing capacity let to worsening of ecological conditions in the region.

For example, in order to reduce a quantity of dangerous emissions into the atmosphere, the plant provides the clearance of exhaust gases from toxic impurities.  

In the production of nitric acid there is a catalitycal clearance of tail gases form nitrogen oxides.

Emissions of harmful agents take place at a high of 150 metres; thereby the concentration of toxic impurities on the ground layer do not exceeds an admissible limit value.

In the production of ammonium nitrate there is a clearance of air-steam mixture from impurities of ammonia and ammonium nitrate into the volume tank, emissions of which take place at a high of 73 metres.

Gross emission of contaminants at the plant during 2012 year amounted to 1313 tones, while maximum permissible indicator is 3619 t/y.

LLC «Mendeleevskazot» is one of few chemical plants, which has no discharge of sewage water.

The plant uses the system of water consumption and water removal without discharging it.

Waste waters of the plant, chemically dirty and domestic waste waters go for clearance into biologically sewage works, with total capacity at 10 000 cubic metres /day.

One part of waste water goes into sludge collectors and surface water in its way goes through storm-water sewer system, from the territory of the plant to a drain water inlets. Hereafter, if it necessary, waste waters are pumped into biologically sewage works for clearing and recycling in production as a makeup water for water cycles (Water cycle-1, Water cycle-2)

Environmental service of the plant is represented by Department of Environmental Protection and certificated sanitary industrial laboratory.

According to the results of Republican agon «Ecoleader» in 2012year the plant became a laureate in the nomination «An effective ecological management » among the factories of Republican importance.

Technologies for environmental protection, which are held at LLC «Mendeleevskazot» give an opportunity to consider the plant to be an ecologically clean organization.

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