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Galaxy corporation


The beginning of a new century or millennium dictates new approaches to business development, economy and society. Nowadays community -  it is a world of high technology, hyper speed, automatic systems and global media.

People, who stay tuned, quickly analyze and use the information usually win in competitive battle and earn best results.

Nowadays media takes more and more important part in business sphere of the company, for which many organizations are ready to spend an essential sum of money.  Companies begin to show their interest in complex automatic management systems. Such kind of systems essentially smoothen things down for an account department and managers, what allows to make correct operative accounting at breakneck speed.  These systems help in optimizing of documentation procedure as well as in automatization of work positions and business processes.  Using management systems gives an opportunity for quick writing of accounts about as complete as for providing company’s executive with immediate information, giving wide opportunities for analyzing and taking decisions.

According to International Consulting Agency IDC data, the market of Management Systems in Russia will be annually growing by 26%. And if some companies only begin the usage of such programs so LLC «Mendeleevskazot» had already set Management system Galaxy ERP and since 2003 it successfully operates at the plant. 


The result of setting ERP System at the plant is unified reliable data base, order of documentation procedure, delimitation of rights  and division of obligations, responsibilities between services, departments and working places. This system helps in increasing personnel’s productivity, minimizing of mistakes, which arise during the process of data purification. Thanks to Galaxy system the head of the company is able to get any necessary information and various accounts.


 For executive personnel  of LLC «Mendeleevskazot», the rational advantages of Galaxy ERP system means the following:

  • Business transparency and a full control over company activity;
  • Careful scheduling and immediate management with all kinds of resources (financial,  manpower and material);
  • Flexible management of a net cost of the product and increasing of business profitability;
  • Getting real results from investment into information technologies in short terms.
  • Growth of competitive ability and efficiency of business.

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