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About company

LLC Mendeleevskazot begins the history since 1983 when the decision on construction of plant was made, and already on June 30, 1989 production of ammonium nitrate which design capacity made 450 thousand tons/year was put into operation. Since then, the company has passed several organizational stages:

Novomendeleevsky Chemical Plant;

1983 – 1988

1988 – 1991

NCP is a part of production Association "Chemical plant of them. L. I Karpova";

State enterprise "Novomendeleevsky chemical plant";

1992 – 2000

2000 – 2002

State unitary enterprise "Tatazot";

Open joint stock company "Tatazot";

2002 – 2004


From 2004 to the present-limited liability Company "Mendeleevskazot", which is now a subsidiary of JSC"Ammonium". Full legal name: limited liability company "Mendeleevskazot". Abbreviated brand name: LLC "Mendeleevskazot".

Since 2016, the production of ammonium nitrate, NAC and auxiliary production of LLC " Mendeleevskazot "were transferred to the parent company of JSC" Ammonium", which combined all production processes in the framework of its activities. LLC Mendeleevskazot is now the only trading agent of JSC Ammonium on realization of all production of a production complex, and also is engaged in transport and logistic activity in the organization of delivery of production to buyers, including deliveries in the largest ports of the Baltic and Black seas.


since 2020

Mendeleevskazot, LLC performs logistic activities for Ammoni, SC products delivery to customers, including shipment to the largest ports  of the Baltic and Black seas.

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Russia, Republic of Tatarstan, Mendeleevsk city, Industrial zone
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